When A Loan Becomes Delinquent, Why Involve Debt Collection Agencies?

It is a sad fact of everyday life that many consumers will at some point find themselves in debt. Whether the debt is accumulated through credit cards, personal loans, hire purchase, catalogues or utility bills, falling into debt is unfortunately becoming more and more commonplace in the UK. In some cases falling into debt can be attributed to an unfortunate change in personal circumstances, such as the break-up of a relationship or unemployment. In other cases falling into debt can be attributed to the consumer simply over extending themselves when taking out loans or other finance.

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Consumer debt in the UK has recently crossed the £1trillion threshold, prompting leading UK banks Barclays and HSBC to voice concerns over the ever-rising tide of consumer debt. In order to combat this problem and alleviate the strain on their in-house resources, many Banks and finance houses employ the services of debt collection agencies in order to try and reclaim money that has been loaned out to consumers and have subsequently become 'delinquent'.

Debt collection agencies specialise in acquiring delinquent debts from various sources such as banks, credit card companies, utility companies and mail-order catalogue retailers. They also work with, and act on behalf of, many financial establishments by contacting those customers who are in financial difficulty in order to help them settle outstanding debts.

The aim of debt collection agencies such as CapQuest is to work closely with the debtor in order to achieve a resolution to debt problems that is fair to both parties and thus help to lift the burden of debt. Admitting to the debt is often the hardest part for consumers so the resolution process will often be initiated by the debt collection agency either by phone or by letter. In most cases they can negotiate for an outstanding debt to be repaid through smaller installments, allowing the debtor more control over their finances.

Whilst debt is never a pleasant subject, UK consumers can help themselves avoid debt by shopping around in order to find the best loan deals available. As the saying goes 'forewarned is forearmed' and by consulting a loan comparison site consumers can often find the best loans on offer for their particular circumstances. Many such comparison sites can also provide some useful information and advice on the financial alternatives available, which can allow the consumer to make a more informed decision before taking out a loan or any other form of finance that they might consider.

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