Privileges of Federal Student Loan Consolidation

How far do you understand about federal government student loan consolidation program? This program is offered by the US Department of Education. Unlike other forms of student loans, this type of loan consolidation is a loan issued for fresh graduates after the completion of their tertiary education. It is a great tool that allows the college or university graduates to merge all their federal loans into one new loan. It is used as a mean of extending the repayment term due to economic hardship.

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To be frank, this program is in fact more costly for graduates in the long run if we look at the total repayment amount. However, it helps them to save some money at the initial stage by reducing the monthly repayment amount. In general, the monthly payment can be reduced up to 50-60%. This lower repayment plan is important for students who are unable to meet significant financial obligation right after their graduation.

Under this plan, the US Department of Education would be the sole lender and the students only need to make one payment every month. If they are currently unemployed, they will not be rejected to sign up for this plan. However, they are allowed to suspend their payment for up to 36 months (depending on their total debt amount). Moreover, if the graduates manage to pursue their career in public sector, they will be enjoying extra privilege where their monthly repayment will be adjusted based on both their annual income and the size of their family. In addition, if they plan to further their studies, they are allowed to defer their payment to a later date.

Student loans can be overwhelming and frustrating but nowadays, they don't have to be because the federal government is putting a lot of effort to assist the graduates to overcome their financial issues.

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