How to Postpone Paying Off Student Loans

Many of us have student loans and it's hard to pay them back all at once. If you're in this place, you should not think you're alone. In fact, most of the customers of student loan programs have financial difficulties at one time or another. If you find yourself in this place, you may wonder if there are ways to postpone those payments. Well, here's your good news: There is!

The companies who offer student loans realize that everyone needs a little help sometimes. If you have just lost your job and you're trying to decide which bill to pay, then student loans are probably going to lose. These representatives know you're trying to take care of your loved ones first and then concentrate on any additional bills you owe. This is why they offer these assistance programs in the first place.

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Asking for a Deferment

In these cases, you can contact the student loan provider and tell them of your unemployment. They may give you a six-month deferment so you can get back on your feet. Most of the time, there will be a set amount of deferment time that you qualify for automatically. This should be lined out in the documents you originally signed when you agreed to the student loan terms. Then, you'll have data to reference before you call and ask for them to be put in place.

Qualifying for a Forbearance

Other financial difficulties may arise in terms of having to move or even surrender a vehicle back to the finance company. If this is the case and you have fallen behind on your payments, simply be honest with the student loan provider. It's up to them, but they can sometimes give you a forbearance depending on the situation.

This terms means that any late or missing payments up to that point are brought current. It keeps your credit score current and won't have any negative affect on your credit report. This is not an option you can use all the time, but it is something to consider during times of unexpected hardship.

Talk to your student loan provider about these options and work out a prolonged payment plan. Your interest payments will increase, but it will give you some immediate financial relief. Even though this does increase the payment amount, sometimes that additional span of time is worth paying for so you can plan better financially with your current income.

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