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So you have been a loan officer for years now. You like it, you're good at it and, quite frankly, you're not exactly sure what you would do if you weren't originating loans. You have spent countless hours and dollars building a database, networking with realtors, meeting with clients, marketing your business, and attending seminars. You're disciplined and dedicated, working evenings and weekends to accommodate your customers. You love the freedom of your industry, the fact that you can work from home, the ability to earn tons of money, and the option to take a vacation without having to ask your boss. You had a substantial 6 figure income for a number of years and you were planning on an early retirement until... CRASH! You can still hear the pieces falling and you still experience aftershocks. You wake up wondering "What happened?" and "Now what?". You're living in mind blowing world of ultra-tight guidelines, conservative underwriting, reduced commissions, rules that don't seem to make sense, and day-to-day frustration. Sound familiar? Is the fun (along with about 70% of your income) gone? You're not alone... Been there... Done that...

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Well, let's take a step back and do a thorough evaluation of the crime scene here. Yes, you may have been robbed of a good portion of your income and yes, some days you think they stole all of your sanity too. But along the way, you have learned a valuable set of skills that can serve you well in almost any industry. Think about these points:

You have learned how to build relationships It doesn't matter what industry you are in, successful relationships bring about successful businesses. You can leverage your ability to make friends in anything you decide to do.

You have learned how to think and respond to stressful situations quickly and calmlyIf you didn't learn that as a loan officer, then you never would have made a dime in the mortgage business. Every deal would have blown up before it could close.

You learned how to listen to and then meet the needs of your customer Do you know how many people out there have absolutely no concept of how to do this? You have developed a tremendous skill of being able to ask questions and then provide solutions. This is the basis of all forms of sales (by the way, it's also the secret to a successful marriage, but that's a topic for a different article).

You have learned how to follow up, communicate, educate, and facilitate How often do you feel like you have to direct the entire transaction and perform everyone's job because you need the deal to close on time? You have to assume responsibility when no one else will. You put out the fire before it consumes your deal and takes your well-deserved paycheck with it! You often take the blame when it is not even your fault. You work to repair the reputation of our industry that was damaged by all those who failed to survive.

You learned how to be disciplined and efficient and you developed excellent work habits If you are a good loan officer, then these things describe you extremely well. Let's face it, without discipline, efficiency, and excellent work habits, you would have been out of business by now.


There are many "vehicles" that you can "drive" now that you have this set of skills. In fact, you are probably qualified for just about any business or sales industry position. The only problem is that you have become unemployable. You know what I mean, the thought of going to a job, showing up at 8:00am and leaving at 5:30pm with an hour for lunch and two 15-minute breaks just about makes you want to jump off a cliff! You don't want a boss, you don't want to lose your freedom, and you don't want someone telling you what to do every day. So now what?


You can build a successful business from home. All you need is the proper instruction and guidance. You already have what it takes, you just have to channel it in a new direction. Your potential is unlimited if you are open to take a look, take a chance, and take some advice. The path has already been cleared by others who have gone before you. Have faith in yourself and follow their lead. The system is in place for you to thrive. What are you waiting for? The time is now!

So now you may ask, "How was I able to describe you so well?" It's because I am you. Been there... Done that... Escaped from it... Lived to tell about it... Click my link below and I can help you live to tell about it to.


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