Student Loan Debt Consolidation - The Facts You Should Know About

Getting a degree from a university is a significant achievement but if you are like most people, then chances are you pulled out loans to help pay for your tuition. Obviously the amount of schooling you attend to directly relates to how much debt you will end up with upon graduation.

While there are typically 6 month grace periods until the first payment is due, it can often become difficult to keep up with especially if you have more than one loan due. Not paying these loans is simply not an option as it can have dire consequences and can directly affect your credit for years to come.

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The last thing you want is defaulting on your loans when you could have consolidated them instead. Not only will you prevent a potential financial disaster, but you also get the opportunity to better manage your debt with reduced monthly payments along with lower interest rates.

Before applying for student loan debt consolidation programs, there are advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered. While the reduced monthly payments will seem attractive for many, it is important to note that the loan is typically stretched out over a longer period of time.

This means that by the time your loan is finally paid off in full, you will most likely have paid more than if you didn't consolidate. However, this disadvantage is often outweighed by the benefits that additional funds each month opens up.

Additional benefits include better debt management as the loans are typically joined together so you do not have to worry about keeping track of which loans are due. Disadvantages include the risk of poor spending habits as the additional funds may cause some to run up their credit even further.

Before considering student loan consolidation, many programs will offer some type of deferment whether you are a full graduate student, facing financial hardships or are currently unemployed. Be sure to carefully consider your options and to always seek financial counsel to make your choice easier.

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