A Look at Hard Money Loans For Home Purchase and Residential Hard Money Lenders

Hard money is a way to secure property in a short period of time then refinance into conventional finance and can provide an alternative source of financing for real estate investors. Conventional institutional lenders will not finance hard, hairy loans and on the other side equity investors demand very high returns and/or shares of profits.

Investors who borrow hard money understand that this type of loan is more expensive than conventional loans. A hard money borrower perceives that the loan's value extends beyond its cost. Investor rehab loans are particularly easy to find with a number of competitors but at the same time you should watch out for the hard money lenders that are also wholesalers.

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The Lenders

Lenders of so-called "hard money" are becoming more common and more accessible: Perform a search for "Las Vegas hard money lenders" and you will discover many results, many for the state of Nevada, specifically. There are even private lenders based online, at your convenience.

Lenders have much stricter criteria these days, and for a good reason. In today's society, the laws favor consumers, not banks. So lenders turn to look at whether or not the applicant is worth the financing and if the business plan is practical. They can scroll through the list of entrepreneurs and make a selection based on the person they wish to lend money. Most loans when approved are made via credit card or PayPal.

Most lenders ask borrowers to pay a minimum of five percent upfront deposits, as a guarantee. The greater amount of deposit will shrink your interest rates and mortgage payments under most circumstances. Lenders want the loan to be current, not to have to complete a foreclosure. But can you make up the defaulted amount over a period of months?

The Borrowers

Most people apply for hard money loans when they have credit problems, are in default, have had a foreclosure or bankruptcy, have been recently unemployed, or for some reason cannot provide proof of income.

Borrowers are advised not to work with hard money lenders who require exorbitant upfront fees prior to funding. If you feel you have been the victim of unfair practices, contact your state's attorney general office or the office of the state in which the lender operates.

Some borrowers love to use hard money lenders on all real estate deals. Borrowers of hard money loans qualify based on the value of their property more so than the quality of their credit history. However, there is a market out there that hard money lenders cannot fund. So make sure you do your research right before taking on a hard money loans.

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