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The loan modification plans have been around for a while and are a sustainable answer to financial challenges. However, they are becoming more prominently known at the moment thanks to the Making Home Affordable Act, an initiative by President Obama. In addition, new guidelines and regulations have made the process simpler and more favourable and have enabled more borrowers to qualify. It's well worth taking a close look at your options in regard to Home Loan Modification Hardship Assistance.

Putting off doing something about your current financial troubles will achieve nothing. The best thing you can do is to make an appointment to see a specialist financial counsellor, who will assess your personal circumstances. Doing so before the problems spiral out of control assures you the most options. There are a number of loan advisors now who are not charging for an initial consultation (although of course, some do still charge a fee for this). HUD-Approved non profit organisations are another option, from where you can attain financial advice without paying a single dollar. By means of supply and demand, there are now more loan modification companies than ever.

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There are positive and negatives to both free services and the premium paid ones too. You may find that you require legal services at some point and so it is worth considering this when you select your service. If there is an option to select a service with an attorney, this could be hugely helpful in attaining your loan modification.

Any premium service for which you pay comes with risks. Opportunist scammers are active in this arena, having seen just how many people are seeking out this type of service. Research various services, check their standing with the Better Business Bureau as well as their company history and reputation.

Start at the beginning! By this I mean arrange to see the advisor and ensure that you take all relevant financial documentation with you. The professional will be able to advise you this way according to your own circumstances, on the best steps to take.

If he or she advises that you may be best suited to the loan modification plan, the next step will be to write a Loan Modification Hardship Letter. Again, your advisor will be able to give you more information and guidance on this, but in essence this letter should explain to your lender why you are facing the problems you are facing, whether it be sudden unemployment, a family bereavement, medical bills etc. Be straightforward in your wording with the letter. Do not withhold any necessary information and ensure that you supply documents to verify what your letter states. A loan modification company should guide you gradually through the process of writing the letter and will forward it to your lender, as well as assisting where any problems or questions arise.

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